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Custom non-woven bags in your own colors and prints. These bags can be made in any size and printed on each side.

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Non woven bags can be used as promotional bags or as beautiful gifts. Because these bags are custom made, you have complete freedom about color, size and printing. If you are looking for unique bags for everyday use or as a good alternative to plastic bags, non-woven bags are a good option. Due to the material, these bags can be used in the retail industry as sales bags or reusable bags. But also as wine and special items to transport bottles in a stylish way. Request a free quote and we will be happy to look at all options and help you deliver unique custom bags.

Non Woven Material:

Nonwoven is a material that is increasingly used in various applications and products. It is a versatile and innovative material that combines different properties and therefore offers many advantages. Nonwoven is produced by connecting fibers in a random way, unlike woven materials where the fibers are woven in a specific pattern. This process ensures a firm and flexible material without the use of yarns. The result is a cohesive structure of fibers that forms an even surface.

In addition, nonwoven is also lightweight, which makes it ideal for applications in which weight plays a role, such as in disposable clothing and packaging. The material is also breathable, allowing air and moisture to pass through. This is important in applications such as medical clothing, for example, where comfort and hygiene are crucial. Nonwoven is also easy to print and process, making it versatile for use in various products such as carrier bags, promotional material and insulated packaging

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